'$10 Challenge' on Facebook



Have you ever had leftover money after paying a bill that never made it home?  You have no idea where your money went, all you know is that it's gone somewhere!

Most folks feel that credit is the biggest barrier to home ownership.  Although credit is important, the lack of budgeting may actually be your biggest hurdle.



The '$10 Challenge' is based upon you carrying cash on you that you can't spend because it's already been budgeted for home purchase savings. 

Participation in the '$10 Challenge' is based solely on an honor system.  To join, simply follow the steps below.

  • Join the '$10 Challenge Group' by searching for it on Facebook.

  • Write "2018GBMAH" on the front of your '$10 Challenge'.

  • Post a video of your money in the '$10 Challenge Group'  (you don't have to be in the video).

  • Delete the video on your phone. Remember honor system.

  • Keep your '$10 Challenge' on you all the time wherever you normally keep your money.

  • At a moments notice be prepared to post a video proving you haven't spent your '$10 Challenge'.

For many you will find the only way not to spend your '$10 Challenge' is to have a written plan for how, when and where your monthly spending takes place. Budget, budget budget!   Let your '$10 Challenge' begin!




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