'Grants EmPOWER Goals'

Beyond a doubt, the desire to own a home is a common goal that's shared across religious, ethnic and economic standings.  Unfortunately, the average up front cost of more than $9,000 is a barrier that many simply can't overcome.  

Schedule a 100% free 'Grits & Grants Workshop' with your church or civic group introducing how taking advantage of Grants & Down Payment Assistance allows for home purchase with as little as $1,000. 

'POWER' Your Way Home


So far this year I've assisted single parents, nurses, factory workers and others to connect to over $578,000 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance for home purchase in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and elsewhere in Virginia. 

Share the gift of home ownership with friends, family and others you know by scheduling a 100% free 'Grits & Grants Workshop'.  There is absolutely no cost or obligation of any type!

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'Real Success Tools'

Top 5 Dont's...

It's very important that you not only prepare yourself for home ownership, but that you take care not to do anything to lose the hard earned progress you've made  Bottom line, don't screw up!  

Get your credit scores up, keep your debts down.  Yes, sometimes life just happens and you may experience setbacks.  You recover by continuing your path towards home ownership using the skills you've developed.

Are You Ready?

'Real Success' is not about you buying a house.  'Real Success' is about you buying a home.  A home that's built upon a foundation of knowledge, commitment to personal finances and credit awareness.

I've worked with clients with credit scores as low as 480 to build foundations for 'Real Success'.  Many of whom are now successful homeowners enjoying home ownership while being able to afford life's ups, downs and turn-arounds.  


'Understanding Credit'

Let's be honest, your score is your score it doesn't matter if your score is 480, 520 or even 600.   What does matter is knowing what steps you should take to reach, and keep your score at or above the magic number of 620.


You're invited to attend one of the 'Grits & Grants Workshops', where you can speak to lenders as they share information helping you remedy your negative credit, or enhance the credit score you already have. All workshops are 100% free.  Let's start planning to fire your Landlord! 



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'Powered by prayer, Nurtured through blessings'

'Powered by prayer, Nurtured through blessings'