'Grants EmPOWER Goals'

Beyond a doubt, the desire to own a home is a common goal that's shared across religious, ethnic and economic standings.  Unfortunately, the average up front cost of more than $9,000 is a barrier that many simply can't overcome.  

Schedule a 100% free 'Grits & Grants Workshop' with your church or civic group introducing how taking advantage of Grants & Down Payment Assistance allows for home purchase with as little as $1,000. 

'POWER' Your Way Home


So far this year I've assisted single parents, nurses, factory workers and others to connect to over $578,000 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance for home purchase in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and elsewhere in Virginia. 

Share the gift of home ownership with friends, family and others you know by scheduling a 100% free 'Grits & Grants Workshop'.  There is absolutely no cost or obligation of any type!

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'Powered by prayer, Nurtured through blessings'