Monday Workshops:

Last year I assisted folks connect to over $592,115 of Grants.  Attend a 'Grits & Grants Workshop' where I promise to share 100% free, but extremely valuable information with you about Grants for home purchase.

Sept16th, 6 - 7:45      Sept  23rd, 6 - 7:45

Sept 30th, 6 - 7:45       Oct 7th, 6 - 7:45

Saturday Workshop:

Tired of antique white paint?  Then let's do something about it.  Attend the next free, Saturday Morning 'Grits & Grants Workshop' learning how you could take advantage of up to $60,000 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance.  

Aug 17th, 9 - 10:30    Sep 21st, 9 - 10:30

 Workshop Location: 

Crazy as it sounds, each year Grant providers return leftover monies that were not given away.  Join us at the offices of RiverCity Blues Realty LLC., 4796 Finlay Street, Suite 2, Richmond VA. 23231.  Let's bring this craziness to an end!



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